Two months ago, I decided to say goodbye to my dream job. At Geronimo Productions, I started as a production assistant for Snackmasters, became a tv-reporter at Helden van Hier (Local Heroes), and ended up as the production director for a new season. After completing four months of shooting, I recently handed over the post-production to Siebe Stevens, an excellent freelancer with many years of experience.

The reason I left my job is to relocate to #SouthKorea. The country I have been to twice; as an exchange student and on a working holiday. For one year and a half, I already had the chance to discover the country and learn about its culture. This time, I am returning to find a job, knowing the difficulties of gaining a work permit.

During the next 6 to 9 months, I will expand my Korean knowledge and continue the full-time language program I followed before. Besides learning this challenging language, I will use my spare time to network and apply for jobs.

I don’t know about my possibilities, but being 28 and having good work experience, I decided I should no longer postpone my dream and take the jump.

So dear network, please send me a message if you know anyone in South Korea that could help me. I am pursuing a career in the entertainment or events industry, but open to anything else.

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