Local Heroes: On Patrol

Local Heroes: On Patrol” is a Belgian television series that follows the operations of the police force in Kortrijk and its surroundings. In this 8 episodes documentary, we give the viewers an inside look at the work of the police. The show highlights both small interventions and more prominent, more dramatic events, such as pursuits and raids. Because of the use of body cameras, the show continues filming when the regular camera has to stop.

My role

As the production director for “Local Heroes: On Patrol”, I was responsible for directing 8 episodes and managing the creative aspects of the production. This included guiding a team of reporters and editors to produce deliverables, liaising with the producer to formulate objectives and understand requirements, and organizing the workflow to meet specifications and deadlines.

In addition to my role as a production director, I also served as a reporter on the show. My responsibilities included assembling findings at the police force with the viewers’ perspective in mind, liaising with the camera operator and production company to facilitate the shooting, staying up-to-date with current events, and obtaining filming permission from criminals and victims.

During the pre-production phase, I played a key role in researching at the police station and casting the police officers, as well as agreeing to terms with the force and making arrangements with the local authorities. The post-production phase was handled by a colleague.

Technical information

Episodes: 8
Year: 2022
Channel: VTM
Genre: Reality