Local Heroes: Medical Intervention Unit

Experience the adrenaline of doctors, paramedics, and nurses during their life-saving job from the front row in ‘Local Heroes: Medical Intervention Unit’.

My role

As a reporter on this television series, I had the opportunity to be on the front lines of the action, working alongside nurses, doctors, and other medical staff at the hospital to capture the daily drama and triumphs of their work. My role included serving as the main point of contact between the hospital and the production team, which required me to maintain strong relationships with the management as well as the medical staff we were filming.

I was also responsible for managing the shooting schedule and accompanying our camera operator on ambulance rides to the scene of the emergency. Ensuring that we obtained all necessary permissions and kept thorough records was a crucial part of my job, as was making sure that our camera crew didn’t disrupt the medical staff as they provided care.

In the pre-production phase, I played a key role in conducting research at the hospital and casting all of the nurses and doctors who would be featured on the show. I assisted in making arrangements with all relevant emergency services and institutions, working to ensure that everything was in place for a smooth and successful production.

Technical information

Episodes: 8
Year: 2022
Channel: VTM
Genre: Reality
Ratings: 600.000+
Market share: 32%